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Unofficial XSE!

I’ve basically compiled a version of XSE with a couple of fixes. I fixed the searching for free space in Emerald and made it not check for updates since HackMew’s server no longer exists.

Download: https://github.com/Gamer2020/Unofficial_XSE/releases

Here is the original information from HackMew’s thread:

eXtreme Script Editor [XSE]
A whole new scripting experience.

Latest version 1.1.1

Languages available
Chinese, Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Slovak


Multi-Script Handling (Auto-hide Tabbed Interface)
Short/Long File Name support
Multi-level Undo/Redo
Multiple comments support
Line Numbers
Recent Files feature
Auto Save feature
Backup feature (ROMs, Scripts, Headers etc.)
Offsets linking
Quick Command/Construct Help
Inline Command Help
Japanese table auto-detect
File Association for RBC/RBH/BIC files
File Association for GBA files
Command Line support (supports AdvanceMap 1.90 and higher)
“Always on top” feature
Minimize to system tray
Integrated Scientific Calculator
Compiler Output
Batch Compiler
Script Templates
ROM Resizer
Expanded ROMs support
Aliases support
Static/Dynamic/Mixed offsets
Script Debugging (Use of Dummy ROM)
Comfy Decompile Options
Level scripts decompiling/recompiling
Braille decompiling/recompiling
Constructs decompiling/recompiling
Biggest Command Database currently available, with more then 140 new commands (Only few left, and still researching)
Upgraded Commands (Due to the our improved command understanding)
Hex Viewing (A simple Hex-Viewer, with built-in Poké/ASCII table)
Text-Adjusting (R/S/E/FR/LG compatible)
Script printing
Free Space Finder integration
Advance Trainer integration
Live Update + Auto check
Indepth Guide updated (still working on it)


Ruby (All languages)
Sapphire (All languages)
Emerald (All languages)
Fire Red (All languages)
Leaf Green (All languages)