(Old) Setting up Visual Studio Code with the disassemblies!

Please note that, if you are on windows, I highly recommend using WSL. The below is a little outdated and I am writing a new tutorial.


This is a tutorial on setting up Visual Studio Code for working with the disassemblies. Please keep in mind that this is simply my way of doing things, there are always going to be different ways of setting things up. I am writing this for Windows 10, but setting this up is possible on any OS that supports VS code and Devkitpro. This setup should technically work for any console Makefile project that is C/C++ but you will have to make adjustments where necessary. If you have any improvements or suggestions, please let me know.

While I recommend using Git with your project, I will not be covering it in this tutorial. Here is a useful reference that helped me get started with Git.