PokeMMO Team Builder!


A few weeks ago I got an idea to make a team builder specific to PokeMMO. Since I have a bad habit to not get ideas out of my head until I do them, here is the result of my work so far. (Please note that I do expect it to not look as good on mobile browsers. Some improvements need to be done there.)

Since this was made from scratch there are bound to be mistakes. Please feel free to let me know anything that I should fix. I am quite burned out on this at the moment so I may not add any of the bigger planned features anytime soon, but I will do my best to address quick fixes.

I may need to think of a way to gather data on PokeMMO and have it in one place before starting any more projects, this was quite exhausting but hopefully some people find it useful or interesting.

Link: https://pokemmotb.gamer2020.net/

What has been done?

Item Explanation
Save/Load Teams Local Storage in the web browser is used to save/load the teams. (I don’t want to deal with accounts.)
Import/Export Pokepastes You can import/export teams with the Showdown/Pokepaste format people are already used to.
Only PokeMMO Pokemon Only the Pokemon in PokeMMO are selectable. I also did my best so they only have the moves they learn in PokeMMO.
Only PokeMMO Items  I did my best to only include the items available in PokeMMO.
Hidden Power Type Selection Click on the type to change the Hidden Power Type.
Alpha Toggle You can select if a Pokemon is Alpha.
Evolutions missing egg moves. All egg moves should be up to date.


What is planned/Needs fixing?


Item Explanation
Multiple attacks in one line support In the pastes you can have multiple attacks in one line to handle different attack options. This is currently not accounted for.

Example: Water Gun/Surf

Export/Upload to pokepast.es Seems like a useful feature. I need to look into adding this.
Add Happiness field. Realized this one late in development. I should add it but I like how the page looks like right now.
Improve Default Gender If a gender is not specified Male is used. This doesn’t work with Pokemon that can’t be Male and you then have to select a Gender.
Team Analysis I want to add a tab with generated info about the imported team. Like what type weaknesses the team has and stuff like that.
Make it look better on mobile The great thing about a website is that most people can access it but the issue is that there are so many mobile screen sizes. I need to improve the appearance of the site on mobile.

Reported/Suggested that has been addressed.

Item Explanation
Nothing yet… Nothing yet…

Reported/Suggested that need to be addressed.

Item Explanation
Nothing yet… Nothing yet…