PokeMMO Damage Calculator!


As someone who has been enjoying PokeMMO lately, I noticed something that the players of the game need. A damage calculator specifically for PokeMMO. While the Showdown Calculator is perfect, it is intended for the main games. Since the Showdown Calculator is open source, I decided to make a version that is adapted for PokeMMO. My hope is that this will be useful to people.

Please feel free to respond with anything that I should fix.

Link: https://pokemmocalc.gamer2020.net/

What has been done?

Item Explanation
Gen 9 Mechanics used. Calculator is set to generation 9 behind the scenes and adjustments are made where needed.
BW sets used with levels set to 50. The latest Black and White Smogon sets are used for Pokemon. These have all been set to level 50.
Pokemon introduced after Gen 5 removed. Any Pokemon after generation 5 has been removed.
Stat changes introduced in later games are kept. If a Pokemon received a stat change after generation 5, it has been kept. PokeMMO seems to follow this.
Uses Gen 5 typing. The type chart used for weakness and resistance is the one introduce in Generation 5. Pokemon who received the Fairy type in later games have had their original types restored.
Links to BW Smogon Analysis pages. When you click the Analysis page you are taken to the Black and White page for that Pokemon opposed to the generation 9 one.
Unneeded options removed. Options in the calculator that don’t exist in PokeMMO have been removed. One example is terrains.
Comb through PokeMMO patch notes for changes and apply them. The patch notes for PokeMMO have been reviewed and any mentioned changes related to damage have been applied. (Example: Sharpness)


What is planned?

Item Explanation
Remove Post Gen 5 moves. Remove moves that are not available in PokeMMO.
Remove Post Gen 5 items. Remove Items that are not available in PokeMMO
Remove Post Gen 5 abilities. Remove Abilities that are not available in PokeMMO
Add sets provided by Scorpioni. https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/160440-pokemmo-damage-calculator/&do=findComment&comment=2028083


Reported/Suggested that has been addressed.

Item Explanation
Gem Calcs should be BW damage Fixed. The damage modifier for Gems has been changed to the BW one.
Knock Off should be 20 BP Fixed.
Outrage should be 90 BP. Fixed.
Blank sets weren’t level 50. Fixed.
Snow Plow Ability Fixed. PokeMMO name for Slush Rush. Should be added while still retaining the original for compatibility with other tools.
Reactive Gas Fixed. PokeMMO name for Neutralizing Gas. Should be added while still retaining the original for compatibility with other tools.
Assault Gear Fixed. PokeMMO name for Assault Vest. Should be added while still retaining the original for compatibility with other tools.


Reported/Suggested that need to be addressed.

Item Explanation
Button to set all EVs to 85. To make calcs for random battles easier.