[Pokeemerald] pokeemerald-base project available!

I did post about this on my social media but I neglected to actually post about it on this site.


I have put together a base for Pokeemerald Projects. This Includes Battle Engine V2, Item Expansion, and Pokemon Expansion projects. I take no credit for the work put in by all the contributers, I am simply putting it together for myself and others to use. If you can, please go thank all the people that have put work into these projects.

Please note that this also means that some issues may need to be resolved in these projects themselves. If you do however find something wrong in the pokeemerald-base repo that does work in the original repos, please open an issue on github.

I will try to keep this repo updated as much as possible, but please feel free to nudge me if I forget.

Link: https://github.com/Gamer2020/pokeemerald-base