I was looking for a PVP server to play but every server I played on always had something missing. I finally decided to make my own PVP cluster with the mods and rates that I want to play with. I have made the cluster free to play for everyone with many features available that most clusters charge money for.

Server Info

No pay to win! – Many free Features
No Wipe – 30 day decay
100x harvest
New Player Protection – 3 Days
Offline Raid Protection – 1 hour after offline
ARK SHOP – Start with 10K Points
100 points every 15 minutes
Map Rework Mods
Discord Integration


Mod List


The Island steam://connect/
Ragnarok steam://connect/
Extinction steam://connect/
Valguero steam://connect/
The Center steam://connect/
Aberration steam://connect/
Genesis 1 steam://connect/
Genesis 2 steam://connect/
Fjordur steam://connect/