Hello, my name is Gamer2020! I am mainly known as a ROM hacker of the GBA Pokemon games. I am a huge fan of Pokemon, both VGC and TCG. Growing up I didn’t have much, but I always had Pokemon. Other hobbies of mine include Video Game Collecting, console modding, programming, and computer science.

I have been ROM hacking since 2008. Sometime after that I got into tool making and started a small team called Team Snagem, dedicated to creating tools and providing resources. While the team was semi successful, it ended up being me alone working on the website and tools. At the time I had created some pretty decent Pokedex editing tools, among other things. Eventually I took down the site.

At one point I became friends with a ROM hacker known as HackMew. For those that don’t know who that is, he is considered one of the greatest ROM hackers of all time. He created the scripting program known as XSE, that is still used to this day. HackMew was a sort of mentor to me and I would not be the ROM hacker that I am today if it were not for him. At one point we talked about creating a website and team called 0xRH. The team would be dedicated to creating tools and ROM hacking related stuff. I acquired hosting and the domain, 0xrh.net. I did my best to make the website work, but unfortunately this was around the time that HackMew started to pull away from the ROM hacking scene.

Sometime in 2010 I began to move away from VB6 and started to experiment with VB.net. I created a few successful tools in the new language. One day I made a small program that launched VBA and Advanced map. Suddenly an idea clicked, what if everything ROM hacking related could be handled in just one program? Pokemon Game Editor was born. I began coding programs into it and adding my previous tools to the launcher.  I got permission and added several programs to Pokemon Game Editor. It would download and install the programs for you.

Unfortunately as the program grew more popular, it also attracted a lot of “haters”. People would sometimes insult me or my work and it would upset me to the point of not wanting to continue. Because of all that and not having enough money to keep paying the bill, I had to let 0xrh.net die. Now that I’m more mature I’ve learned to ignore all the negativity. By 2016, Pokemon Game Editor set standards for creating ROM hacking tools and even inspired some copycat programs. To this day Pokemon Game Editor is still the best all in one tool there is.

In 2015, I graduated college with a degree in Computer Electronics. I currently have a job as a Network Engineer, which quite honestly my dream job. Even though my job keeps me busy I still try to work on some things in my spare time.

My current interests are game collecting, console modding and 3D printing among other things. I still have plans for a couple of games using Pokeemerald but that is overambitious as it is just another person and I, with no time to work on them.