My plans for the future!

Recently I’ve had many ideas related to ROM hacking. I’ve slowly been working on them. Today I want to talk about what I have planned for the future.

One of the biggest obstacles in my way recently has been my job. It is a great job and I am making a lot of money right now. Unfortunately it leaves very little time for Rom hacking. While I have many great ideas, I am not working on them as much as I should be. Due to this, I have decided to start a ROM hacking team. This team will be open for anyone to apply and will need ROM hackers and programmers ranging in experience and languages. If you are still new but willing to learn, I will work with you. I am currently working on a website that will allow the team to coordinate with each other while at the same time keeping things private until ready for release. More information will be available once the website is ready and anyone interested will be able to apply on the website.

The next thing I want to talk about is Pokémon Game Editor. Currently I am the only person really working on it. I had hoped once I put it on Github that others would maybe add stuff from time to time. This has not been the case. Instead of contributing to PGE people steal code from it and go off to make their own programs. I am fairly busy with work so I barely have any time to make improvements to PGE anymore, especially with other projects I am going to be working on. PGE is going to be put on the back burner for a while so I can focus on other things. If my other ideas go well PGE will become obsolete anyway. I’ll still update it as needed, just don’t expect anything anytime soon. I’m even considering closing the issue tracker for it on Github. Most the time when people post issues it’s because they’ve neglected to download the latest beta which ends up wasting my time. The rest of the time people are trying to message me on discord or other places when it clearly says that support is offered on Github. This makes it very tempting to just close issues all together. Regardless PGE is not going to be a priority as I’m trying to come out with bigger and better things.

The most important thing I want to talk about is a secret project that I’ve only mentioned to certain people. You may have seen me post some teaser screenshots of this on Twitter. I’ve been working on a project that I’ve basically been calling a ROM hack template. The concept is a little tough to explain but the best way to think of it is that it’s a cross between how we do ROM hacking now and what we’ll be able to do with the disassemblies in the future. This is not a new concept at all but I want to make it easier for people to do the same. You will have your changes to your ROM in a project not that different from the C/ASM projects you’ve seen lately. You make your changes and then compile your ROM. This should help cut down on wasted space in ROM hacks. I’m currently working on getting many different data formats in it before release. An example can be seen below.

.include "constants/"

.align 2


@Editing this would change the starters!

This ROM hack template will contain some tools with it to help everyone with things that are kind of a pain to do in data files. I’m currently working on how mapping will be done and am working on the mapping tools for it. You can see an early version in the screenshot below.

All of these tools will be open source so anyone can make modifications to them as needed. Since the data formats should, in theory, be the same these tools should work with the disassemblies when that time comes. I should mention that this is being made with the purpose of using Emerald. This is nothing to worry about as there will be tools to make porting current Fire Red hacks to this easier. I’m even working on a converter for the maps. Below is a map converted to Emerald.

While this may currently be in it’s early stages, it will one day be a very useful starting point for anyone wanting to start a ROM hack. I am also planning to re-brand the Emerald ROM base generator as a sort of compiler for this project. That means that current projects, like the Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade, will be compatible with this. You will even be able to apply them automatically when building your ROM. I even have things like Multi language support planned. The possibilities are endless and hopefully I’ll be able to share this with you guys soon.

As for this website I will be most likely getting rid of it. The team I am starting will have it’s own website so it makes no sense for me to post ROM hacking things on 2 sites. I will announce more information when the time is right!